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New Hair Extension Products

Australia’s premier hair extension brand Showpony Professional has just released a new range of care products specifically designed for the care and maintenance of hair extensions. Professional hair extensions need a lot of ‘TLC’ and the use of ordinary shampoos and conditioners that contain surfactants and other chemicals that can damage the quality of the hair, creating matting, knotting and shortening the lifespan of the extensions. The Showpony Care Range has specifically designed to care for and maintain the quality of the hair ensuring longevity, shine and manageability.  The Care range is free of harmful chemicals such as SLS, SLES, paraben, silicone and sodium.

Sulphate Free Hair Extension Maintenance Shampoo is infused with sunflower seed extract to neutralize free radicals, protect from UV irradiation, reduce Colour fade, provide ease of combing when wet, help as a thermal barrier and improve moisture retention.  The shampoo is also gently and nourishing on natural hair.  To use, simply massage into the hair and rinse, repeating if hair is particularly oily or dirty.  250ml $28.95

Strength and Shine Hair Extension Conditioner contains Keratin and Panthenol to provide super strength, shine, moisture, and detangling properties and seals the hair’s cuticle while maintaining the manageability of hair.  Hair is left free of tangles.  TO use, simply apply a small amount to the midlengths and ends of hair and leave for as long as desired before rinsing.  250ml $29.95

Deep Cleansing Shampoo is the perfect hair ‘primer’ to ensure hair is clean enough for professional hair extensions.  Deep Cleansing Shampoo is the ultimate detoxifying shampoo and works deep to remove product build up and pollution, allowing hair to be clean and in its best shape before applying extensions.  1ltr $59.95

Luminous Mist is the ultimate finishing tool for hair and hair extensions and contains an infusion of natural oils including sunflower oil, to provide lightweight, luminous shine, UV protection and a fresh delicate fragrance. 100ml $34.95

Showpony Care Pack (as pictured) contains Sulphate Free Maintenance Shampoo, Strength and Shine Conditioner and Luminous Mist. RRP$93.85

For further information or to order Showpony products please contact 1800 233 386 or visit