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Offer Your Clients Guilt-Free Luxury this Festive Season

And what a great gift for the team that no longer has to spend precious hours laundering towels, the clients who have a brand new, super hygienic towel all to themselves at every appointment, and the planet, which will see the pressure on its natural resources ease up.


Now Easydry has made it even easier for every salon to keep on giving while making smelly, scruffy towels a thing of Christmas past. It is launching a limited edition Christmas Special: for every box of black or white regular hair towels purchased, receive a bonus $50 credit which can be used towards purchasing a box of any of the following products:

  • hot & cold towels
  • short hair towels
  • tint and water-resistant shoulder capes

Using Easydry ends the constant nagging fear of running out of clean towels, and it frees up an assistant from towel duty to help on the salon floor.


Easydry makes life easier and more enjoyable for everyone. And it helps the environment, enabling salons to enjoy the convenience of disposables without feeling guilty. Fresh, folded and highly absorbent, Easydry are so easy to use.

As inventor of the eco-friendly disposable towel, Easydry is an innovative brand that is constantly developing new products to make salon life easier. Its forward-thinking attitude has won the company no fewer than nine awards in the past three years, making it an international market leader and a guilt-free reason for your salon to shine in every client’s eyes.

The Christmas Special is available until 31st December 2011.  Please contact 1300 071 714 to place your order.