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There are not many people that can flaunt truly, natural, untreated hair, hair free from colour, highlights or perming. The chemicals used in these processes break down the natural bonds, making the hair expand, becoming soft and weakened. The hair structure becomes easier to break, and often results in damaged hair.
Suigo have released a new Silk Protein Reparative Treatment. This is a new formula that employs natural plant extracts and oils to strengthen each hair cuticle, with an anti-ageing benefit. Collagen is also included in the formula to penetrate the hair cortex, fortifying the hair from the inside, while an external protective film hydrates and softens the hair. Silk doubles the moisture binding effect as well as giving the hair added lustre, body and manageability.

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The specialised ingredients include:

• Silk – hydrolyzed and amino acids
• Collagen
• Keratin
• Pollen extract
• Jojoba oil,
• Guava extract

For a complete in salon treatment, shampoo the clients hair then apply the serum to clean, towel-dried hair, massage until fully absorbed, then rinse, for lasting silky, soft hair.

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