Summer may be just around the corner, but CPR Hair’s Nourish Hair Booster has already claimed the top spot on every woman’s must-have list of beach bag essentials.

With hot summer days just around the corner, your clients will be thinking about their favourite

white sandy piece of paradise and crystal-clear water, grabbing their multi-coloured beach towel, Sunscreen and favourite book to head straight down to the beach for a bit of relaxation and self-care.

They will be searching for the perfect summer haircare solution to take to the beach to give it a boost, keep it looking radiant and protect it from the sun rays. CPR Hair has got your retail options covered with the ultimate all-natural beach bag essential.

CPR Hair’s Nourish Hair Booster should be firmly on the top of every woman’s list of beach bag essentials for this summer. It’s perfect to take to the beach and due to its leave-in formulation, their hair will have that summer glow, while ensuring that their hair remains healthy and shiny.

CPR Hair strongly believes it’s never too late to start prepping for those beach vibes or even just a walk to soak up the summer sun while watching the waves roll in. As consumers we spend time protecting our skin with sunscreen, so it’s important to educate your clients that their hair deserves special treatment too. That’s why the Nourish Hair Booster is the perfect leave-in moisturiser to always keep handy, complete with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, to give hair the tender loving care and nourishment it needs this summer.

For dry, damaged and brittle hair, replenishing and caring for their hair, with daily moisture, hydration and repair therapy is important. It will take just five minutes every day to make all the difference between dry hair that is hard to brush and silky-smooth hair that is easy to maintain while they go about their everyday life.

Nourish Hair Booster hydrates, protects, nourishes, and softens dry and damaged hair leaving it

feeling silky smooth, so your client’s hair will be protected between salon visits.

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