Cloud Nine, the hair brand that brought you less heat, more style with the launch of its state of the art styling irons in March, has now turned its attention to another styling staple, the heated roller, and has evolved it into a hair tool that’s beyond recognition – TheO.

TheO uses unique heat induction technology that heats each roller to 130 degrees – the highest temperature you can achieve within a heated roller – in less than four seconds, giving you the volume that can only be achieved with a heater roller, in record time.
Simply pop a roller into the futuristic pod, wait for the beep, and style. And while the roller continues to rise in temperature in your hair, the pod remains completely cool and ready for the next roller. The rollers, which are available in five sizes, including an extra large 60mm option, heat from the core out, so they’re hot in the hair, not in the hand.

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Big, voluminous hair has featured heavily on recent catwalks and TheO allows for girls to create this look at ease. Adding instant shine and smoothness – thanks to the rollers special and patented soft grip technology – TheO reduces frizz and crinkling around the ends.
TheO’s soft grip rollers are so lightweight, your clients will hardly know they’ve got them in, and because there’s an indicator on each roller to let you know when it’s done, they’ll be out again in no time – leaving you with hair that’s out of this world, whenever you want it. 

What’s more, TheO is eco-friendly, using seven times less power than traditional heated rollers – so you’re not only doing your bit for style, you’re helping out the planet too.

Working with our brand agency Propaganda, it seemed only fitting that such an innovative product with such futuristic technology should be launched with a similar Sci-Fi slant to it. The idea was to create something stylish, sexy, but most of all unlike anything the hair industry’s seen before – a perfect reflection of the product itself, The Next Generation of Style.


Animation is quite rare in an industry that is all about how hair looks, so to use illustrations of hair was a brave move. And, judging by the success of the launch – the first shipment in AUS has already sold out! – it was the right move too.

TheO arrives into Australia from August 2010.  TheO pod is priced at RRP $299 and TheO rollers at RRP $29 for a pack of four.  To find out how to become a stockist call 1300 C9Hair (1300 29 4247) or visit