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Think Up & Pink UP! OCTOBER

This October we’re asking you to invite your customers to visit your salon and in under 1 hour put a streak of pink in their hair to spread awareness for an amazing cause. For every participating salon Evolve Hair Concepts will donate $50 to the McGrath Foundation to support our sisters, mothers, friends, families and all those affected by breast cancer.

We have partnered with the McGrath Foundation, a charity that we hold close, to create a month of awareness, support and fundraising unique to our industry. The McGrath Foundation helps individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support. From the time of diagnosis, and throughout treatment, this support is available for free. No matter whether you’re in the private or public health system.

We invite you to promote your business to your local community to encourage them to come to your salon on their lunch break and have a streak of PRAVANA Vivids Pink put in their hair (thanks to the speediness of the Pravana Blonde Wand!).

The THINK UP and PINK UP pack has been designed to allow you to create awareness and fundraising in your salon. In this pack is all that you need to run this fundraiser in your salon! The pack contains:  The PRAVANA BLONDE WAND, 6 tubes of assorted PRAVANA PINK VIVIDS, 3 x PRAVANA CRÈME LIGHTENERS, 2 x PRAVANA DEVELOPERS and advertising materials!

This promotion is open to anyone to participate in. You can create your own price point and we will supply a donation box for anyone who wants to donate a little bit extra for this amazing cause.

We implore you to reach out and take up this fantastic promotion.


Contact 1300EVOLVE (1300 386 583) or [email protected]