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Top hairdressers know a secret behind great-looking hair that lies beyond the cut or colour, rather it’s having the right tailored Care regimen to achieve healthy, well-nourished and cared for hair. That’s because hair with optimal health has the best base to achieve brilliant colour results, it’s best-ever cut as well as being easier to manage day-to-day.

Clairol Professional is excited to share with you our recently re-launched Care and Styling collection.

The NEW Clairol Professional Care collection is powered by Instant Radialux Micro-Ions Technology to ensure great looking hair; its proven by independent lab tests, as well as in the salon by Clairol Professional’s expert stylists and the vast international hairdressers’ community, to add ultimate shine and a smooth feel to hair. The Care collection also uses precious natural ingredients from all over the globe, with each variant featuring special ingredients that inspired the formula. The prestige fragrances of our products are a pure delight for the senses!

The new-look Care collection is also easier to navigate via a new system of intuitive symbols on-pack to meet client’s hair needs. These clever symbols use colour and shape cues to guide, indicating the instant result the product provides. The beauty story of hair is expressed in its two coloured lines, be it colour protection, moisture, repair or smoothness. The left line introduces the colour-coding for each category. The right line serves as an easy-to-understand graphic representation that explains the solution for every client’s unique care needs.

The Care lines include Colour Radiance, Visible Repair, Deep Moisture, Sleek Smoother and our hero, Velvet Oil.

Clairol Professional introduces the new in-salon Insta-Care Services, the treatment rituals offering hair that needed boost of ultimate care in less than 20 minutes, giving instant and visible results.

A perfect finish is the signature touch for a masterpiece, and getting it right will make every client happy. The choice of Styling products is critical to achieve these desired results. The high quality of Clairol Professional products will have a visible impact, empowered by our 3D Sculpt Micro-Polymers Technology that harnesses the power of Micro-Polymers to make styling worries a thing of the past.

Our re-invented Styling Collection also uses ‘the secret language of hair’ on-pack for easy navigation: the two coloured lines together instantly express each product’s unique benefits, revealing the secret behind great hair styling. The left line introduces the colour-coding for each hold level.

The right line serves as an easy-to-understand graphic representation that explains the solution for every client’s unique styling needs.

Styling collection includes Texture, Shine, Finish and Men lines – all you need to create the perfect look.

Clairol Professional knows that for hairdressers, client satisfaction is of no. 1 importance and so is committed to providing both the products and in-salon services you need to deliver great-looking hair every time. Clients will leave with all eyes on them, through easy and quick fixes to achieve shiny, well-conditioned and nourished hair. Share a secret to great-looking hair with new Clairol Professional Care and Styling Collections.

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