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The GlamPalm Clinic – A Game-Changer Born to Style

From the  company that said goodbye to hair damage and heat protectors long time ago because of their Exclusive Healing Stone Technology™ here comes the GlamPalm Clinic!

Years of research, effort and money have gone into this masterpiece. As an electrical company we not only look at the amazing results you can create with GlamPalm but also at the hair products that works with it in combination. This is why we introduced our Nano-Vibrating Technology in combination with our Clinic mode.

With expert craftsmanship, prestigious design and effortless handling, The GlamPalm Clinic will shorten your styling time, eliminates frizz and leaves your hair looking flawless.

The GlamPalm Clinic is our Signature – and most advanced on the market – styler with Clinic Mode and Nano-Vibrating Technology. A real Game-Changer!

Thanks to the ground-breaking Nano-Vibration Technology, this styler ensures heat is radiated inside the hair instead of drying out its external structure.

This creates a healthier finish that is touchably soft and ultra-shiny.

The Nano-Vibration Technology massages the even heat distribution into hair by way of 8,000 vibrations per minute resulting in perfectly straight hair in just one swipe.
This in combination with the minimalistic direct friction of the hair to tighten the cuticle, results in smooth, shiny hair without causing hair any damage through pulling or snagging.

This Nano-Vibration Technology enables our Healing Stone Technology™ to style at a lower heat, keeping your hair at optimal health.

The Clinic Mode or better known as Low Temperature Treatment (LTT) will help to apply any treatment or leave-in conditioner better and intenser to damp hair to master sleek-straight and flawlessly voluminous styles with minimal effort and maximum precision.
GlamPalm’s Clinic Mode is a cold mode set at an automatic balanced 60°C and will not damage hair, even on damp hair.

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