The holiday season is in swing, not as full swing as it might have been pre-2020, but enough for Christmas lunches, gathering with family, friends and co-workers and the socialising we all truly deserve after a separated year. However, with these events comes skin sins such as excess alcohol, indulgent food and adverse routines, so we’re here to save your seasonal skin with five tips from Ultraceuticals Australia skin expert, Tracey Beeby.

“Whether it’s office Christmas parties or basically letting go after an exhaustive year, holidays are all about excess and unfortunately our skin doesn’t always agree with our rebellious new plan,” Tracey said. “Skin can become puffy, fatigued, blotchy, flakey and severely dehydrated from over-indulging. But there are some simple tips that will help keep you on track to last the distance and maintain glowing skin to New Years.”

Follow along for achieving better skin into 2021.

1. Puffy Eye Saviours

Our eyes can often suffer from lack of sleep and eye makeup that goes unremoved, creating the clear look of fatigue and dry skin. Tracey advises to always remove your makeup with a soothing eye makeup remover, instead of your regular cleanser (no matter how tired you are!).

“The skin around the eyes is very different to the face with very few oil glands so it’s essential to treat it with the appropriate products,” she explained. “Also keep the eye area well-nourished with appropriate hydrating products. Remember to use minimally and keep the product around the orbital bone only, never on the eye lid or too close to the tear ducts.”

Hero products are listed as the Ultra Eye Makeup Remover and Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream, or the Ultra Energising Mask which can be a quick fix against fatigue.

2. Solving Blotchy Skin and Breakouts

Remember as you party to keep taking care of yourself – this means plenty of water and vitamin supplements, while treating skin with spot treatment as required and liquid exfoliants containing AHA’s, BHA and Niacinamide for blotchiness. 

“Liquid exfoliants can be used daily to even out skin tone and be a quick fix for blotchiness but be aware that these need to be introduced into the regimen slowly and then increased to daily use,” Tracey shared. “For the body, use a gentle exfoliant daily, ensuring the exfoliating beads are bio-degradable. Using a physical exfoliating is also a great preparation for your skin if choosing to use self-tan for that summer glow. Self-tans are also a wonderful option to even out the skin on the body, but if this is not available use your bronzer which perfectly evens out minor imperfections while giving you a great tan look as well.”

The Ultra Even Skintone Smoothing Serum, Ultra Gentle Exfoliating Gel  and Ultra Complete Correction Mineral Bronzer shade 5 are your go-to’s.

3. For Hydration

Tracey recommends a quality hydrating serum underneath your moisturiser for peak hydration, as tailored to you. Ensure your moisturiser is for your skin type and contains biomimetic (mimics skins natural moisture content) ingredients to hydrate and restore balance to the epidermis effectively,” she said.

A hydrating mask can also be used up to three times weekly to nourish the skin and fight moisture loss, while exfoliation is key to hydration as well.  

“This is important to ensure your hydrating serums absorb,” Tracey explained. “If dead skin is on the surface this will block the serums from absorbing into the skin. Exfoliation with physical beads may be used up to 3 times a week on the face and daily on the body. Liquid exfoliants containing AHAs and BHA should be introduced into the regimen slowly and eventually, when tolerated daily use is ideal.”

Try the brand’s Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum ,  Ultra Moisturiser Cream ,  Ultra Replenishing Mask  and Ultra Even Skintone Serum.

4. Countering Dark Circles

 “This is so incredibly difficult to treat and really tough to find an effective quick fix treatment for,” Tracey said. “Vitamin A, in the form of retinol topically is the only effective long-term treatment that I have noted for dark circles. As a temporary fix I would recommend an anti-fatigue mask or energising mask, as it is able to be used under the delicate eye area.”

A cooling lotion on cool dampened cotton pads can also be used to soothe the eyes and also may help to reduce any associated puffiness, while good concealer is always the necessary final step. Top tip – use one that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to hide dark circles, and try Ultra A Perfecting Eye Cream Ultra Soothing Eye Makeup Remover  and  Ultra Energising Mask to treat this skin problem.

5. Fixing Pasty, Dull Skin

For this concern, it is again vital to never go to bed without removing your makeup, and rely on physical exfoliants (with grains) at most a few times a week. “This will aid in blood flow and remove the build-up of dead surface cells that lead to a dull complexion,” Tracey said. “You can also use an anti-fatigue mask up to three times a week to act like a cup of coffee for your skin and give it the boost it needs.”

Also, as we do head to the end of a difficult year and start treating ourselves, indulge your skin with a professional skin treatment – essential for the mind, body and soul.

“Try a facial, light peel or a pick me up treatment, wherever you are within your treatment journey, regular in clinic treatments are essential,” Tracey said. Ultraceuticals’ Vita-Lift ACE Power Facial, Skin Workouts, Vita-Brasion, Hydro-Brasion or Radiance Plus+ treatments are recommended, alongside the Ultra Gentle Exfoliating Gel  and Ultra Energising Mask products for dull skin.

So stay safe, healthy and glowing this holiday season – you’ve earned it.

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