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Change Your Treatment Culture with Khairpep!

Touted globally as the ‘next plex…but better’, the restorative powers of Khairpep have been wowing hairdressers around the world for the wonders it’s working on damaged hair! Innovations are the building blocks of creation, and with each innovation we are introduced to new concepts and products that occasionally take us to the next level. Bond […]

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Brushing up with Foil Me!

Just as the great Picasso or Van Gogh needed expert brushes to assist in the creation of their masterpieces, so too do you, the Savvy Hair Artist! Ever innovative, ever creative, ever passionate and ever the disruptors and instigators, Foil Me, in collaboration with colour queen, Bixie Colour’s Sheree Knobel, introduce a new addition to […]

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COMING SOON! Introducing the new look of natural look colourart…

Natural Look Australia launches NEW PACKAGING, NEW LOOK and a premium blend of our 5 favourite vitamin-rich and antioxidant Australian Native Ingredients, new features to the ColourArt range. The new look follows a clean, sleek style and celebrates simplicity. The new packaging features a vibrant, monochrome style, highlighting the classic magenta tone with straight lines […]

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Keep Frizz at Bay with Smooth Operator

Join the many people who have been enchanted by Static Free Smooth Operator’s results and heavenly smell!   Made with Aloe Vera, Wheat Protein and Sweet Almond Oil, Static Free Smooth Operator is a light cream leave-in polish that seals and strengthens the cuticle while providing heat protection to the ends and mid-lengths of straight […]

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