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AJoe Habbaki of TONI&GUY Armadale has created a collection, The Beautiful People, that draws on dark histories and references for editorial inspiration.

“I was inspired by the place of Gothicism in fashion history, which is scattered within collections devoted to the shade of black, as well as in textures and moods that exude this omnipresent theme,” Joe said. “Examples include Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton swan song, and a vintage Comme des Garçons show circa Autumn Winter 1992, both of which greatly inspired me. These iconic shows pushed me to think about subcultures centred more broadly on black fashion, from Gothic culture to Japanese Lolitas and heavy-metal musical sub-genres, particularly as led by musical and fashion icons Marilyn Manson (whom this collection is named for) and KISS.”

The collection shows off the editorial iteration of the black-clad, heavy metal-listeners that stand out in a crowd, with en emphasis on shape and texture, in both the hair and garments, anchoring the collection.

“Beyond the hair, I considered elements such as the bold beauty look. Dark eye makeup was a feature component of this brief, while shaved eyebrows tended towards the unusual and unique, allowing the models to look interesting and striking, dually barbaric and beautiful. Black fashion – the initial inspiration and cornerstone of the collection – was paramount, and executed with leather, netting and chains to finish off the collection in its entirety.”

See the full collection below.


Hairdresser: Joe Habbaki

Photographer: Anniss + Barton

Make Up Artist: Shev Kelly

Stylist: Milana De Mina

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