If there’s two things millennials love, its rainbow hair trends and Harry Potter. Finally, those two very different things have come together with Butterbeer hair, an Instagram trend so popular its wound up on Bustle, Metro, Elite Daily and more – let’s explore!

The magical hair trend takes its name and hue from the franchise’s most famous beverage, a sublimely sweet drink made of butterscotch that can be served both hot and cold. The Butterbeer Hair trend takes these delectable hues and tones of yellow, orange and blonde and translates them to the hair in variously bold and subtle iterations. The diversity of the look ensures your clients can request it to suit them and you can create the look that works most ideally for that client, whilst still creating an aesthetic built within the confines of the trend.

With a simple hook and trending hashtag that makes it instantly popular for young social media savvy, Harry Potter loving clients, the trend is being recreated for social media in salons and for shoots and competitions alike. The look was first published online by colourist Chris Meares who created it for a competition.

“My inspiration was embracing warmth,” Chris told Bustle. “I felt like everyone has been so obsessed with cool tones, and ash and silver, that I wanted to do something completely different and opposite.”

Hop online and discover this trend’s (chamber of) secrets to recapture your youth and jump on the latest pop culture inspired hair obsession.