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10 Instances of Hairdresser Logic

Being in the salon all day, hairdressers inhabit a space, a culture and a mentality unlike those in other industries. When coffee is lunch and toilet breaks are the best chance you have at rest, we’re calling this madness-turned-normalcy ‘hairdresser logic’, and you know you’re guilty of it too. Whether black clothing is the only acceptable colour in your wardrobe or you truly believe good hair can fix anything (where’s the lie?) we’ve deep dived into your brain to showcase our favourite examples of hairdresser logic.

Can you relate?

1. Good hair fixes everything. 

We tend to agree.

2. And being a hairdresser goes beyond just being full-time – it’s all-time.

3. Coffee can often count as lunch.

4. And toilet breaks are sometimes the only rest breaks you come by (and are difficult to come by in and of themselves).

5. Manicures are an impossibility.

6. Black is the only acceptable wardrobe colour. 

7. And somehow heels can be vital – despite being on your feet all day.

8. The client is king – and your prime focus.

9. But you can’t be expected to remember all their details.

10. But the most fascinating aspect of hairdresser logic is… how often you have the logic that your clients don’t have.

Go figure.

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