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10 Things That Get Hairdressers Through Every Salon Day

The hairdressing salon industry is a profession unlike any others, ensuring hairdressers have days spent on their feet, with wall to wall appointments and nary a break in sight. However, we know you guys rock up to the salon each day to crush it, but you do have some help, with a few key tools and mechanisms getting you through even the longest of shifts. Coffee, music, more coffee and wine – not to mention your favourite co-workers and clients – make the days not only go faster, but manageable and even fun.

Which of these things do you rely on to get through your salon days?

1. This will always be first – and that is, coffee.

How many cups is too many?

2. And speaking of beverages, just the thought of your favourite thing at the end of the day usually propels you forward. You know what we’re talking about.

3. When it comes to your daily meals, any and all snacks you can find at the bottom of your handbag prove vital.

Lunch breaks are often a luxury.

4. And when you’re on your feet, your favourite comfortable shoes are important to avoid…

5. The salon soundtrack means you can dance through each appointment.

6. And your planner and appointment book is key in knowing where you actually have to be.

Image result for gif phone texting

Just putting one foot in front of the other…

7. Your smartphone and its social media apps boost your daily mood with likes and reactions to your work.

8. Meanwhile a session with one of your favourite clients always makes your day.

Just like getting paid to catch up with old friends.

9. And your best products, tools and colours mean you can explore your potential and really feel like a star.

10. Ultimately it’s your salon family that make each day that much better.

What gets you through your day?

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