Officially prepare yourselves for hairdressing awards season, which is on its way with the Australian Hair Fashion Awards, Australian Hair Industry Awards and Hair Expo Awards hurtling towards us in the next couple of months. The nights encapsulate the heart, talent and party spirit the salon industry possesses, across creative work, business acumen, salon excellence, product successes and more, and we’re here to talk about a few things you’re sure to experience on each evening.

Whether chasing dessert in your high heels, catching up with old friends or showing up like you’re actually Beyoncé, you’ll experience some of these 15 things during hairdressing awards season.

1. Wearing your most fabulous outfit.

Fact: you will feel like either edgy Cinderella or dapper Prince Charming.

2. Being able to try the cool hair and beauty look on yourself that you have wanted to for awhile.

3. And then rolling up like proper hair royalty.

4. Catching up with your hairdressing friends from near and far.

Every awards show is also a reunion.

5. Walking around in painful shoes and paying for it later.

6. Enjoying the multi-course meal – and saving particular room for dessert.

7. Watching the emerging stars pick up well-deserved awards and nominations to start their careers.

8. And rubbing shoulders with the hair heroes who lead the way in the industry.

9. Picking up an award yourself and feeling that true satisfaction.

10. And for the nominees who don’t win, feeling the pride at seeing your name and images up on the big screen as a finalist.

11. Getting out of your seat to truly appreciate the various forms of entertainment.

12. And being inspired by the hair fashion shows made to motivate you.

13. Perusing the product categories for all the tools and products you need right now.

14. Hitting the bar… a few times.

15. And then dancing the night (and early morning) away at the after party.     

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What are you most excited for in awards season?