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20 Minutes With Angelo Seminara at Hair Expo 2018

Angelo Seminara has a way of looking at hair, beauty, culture and the environment that is totally unique to his viewpoint, informing his inimitable approach to hair cutting, styling and colour. Angelo graced Hair Expo as a headliner with his important presence, handing out the award for Australian Hairdresser of the Year and presenting an all-day workshop and a stage show/Q and A in the education rooms. Audiences were treated to his bold techniques and discovered his newest invention and obsession – the Imprinter.

“We have made this new invention and it is called ‘Imprinter’, and it creates the imprints which allows you to create texture patterns and colours endlessly on hair now,” Angelo explained, citing a need for colour to go in a new direction and the global research he believes is being done in this endeavour. “It can also be used to create volume. So a colour that gives volume to the hair which is a completely new agenda in hair colouring. I think this is really what I love about my job, when I can do stuff like that.”

“At the moment I’m pushing the imprinter a lot and developing the colours of the future,” he continued. “They’re still secret and I haven’t shown them to anyone because they will probably take me another couple of years from where I am now. You’ll be able to see these colours on 50 year olds or 20 year olds, the age doesn’t matter. It’s not just a trend, it will be something that I want people to go ‘wow! I need that, I want that to make me look beautiful or different.’”

The Imprinter has already made its impact, in fact all 20 workshop students left having bought one for themselves. With Angelo’s significant influence in the hairdressing landscape, he believes it can inform global trends, rather than just having to be used for editorial work. He compared its prospective legacy to what balayage has been in the last couple of decades, hoping for a comparable consistent place for the technique in salons worldwide.

Angelo’s work, obviously, goes far beyond commercial work, and his bread and butter is in the bold and inspiring hair looks he is able to achieve editorially. This was the basis point for the Imprinter over 20 years ago.

“In the year 2006 I created a collection when I was working then in one of the top hair salons in London and we created these really interesting patterns with the colours, very contrasty, very gamey, very cool,” he said. “I had many magazines interviewing me about these new colours they’ve never seen before. One of the patterns was like wood grain, and I was also published in science and technology magazines, as well as blueprint and architectural magazines. It had nothing to do with fashion but more with technology and science. That was the beginning. Then we left it for a long time and now we’ve decided to create something that can be done on every client if you want.”

Angelo’s editorial aesthetic often reaches into pure artistry far beyond what we’re used to seeing in hair. At the moment he is inspired by minimal grunge looks and rare simplicity. This variance into art means he’s often doing projects for museums, while also creating collections, educating, creating products in his ambassador role for Davines and more, all in his very busy, international schedule. In his work Angelo continues to prove the role of hairdressing as an art form. His recent schedule brought him to Hair Expo from Canada, Milan and Melbourne as he continues to propel the global industry.

As Angelo continues to change the hairdressing world, his major value is in helping the planet at large as well. His products with Davines are currently housed in reusable plastic, with the want to become even more ecological. The brand’s commitment to the environment, as well their focus on innovation, is one of the major reasons he connected with them eight years ago, and it gives him the platform and confidence to make eco-consciousness an even bigger part of the industry. He has created a new concept that is basically a hair education film to be shown at hair shows around the world, eliminating the need for models, extra budget and possibly damaging materials, but keeping all the usual inspiration in this one hour movie.

With everything else on the go, he continues to create and will be debuting new products in his Davines Hair Assistant range. As a legendary hairdressing figure doing important things for the global community, his time, insights and skills were a valuable addition to Hair Expo. Now, with the Imprinter in tow, he continues to put his stamp on the industry.

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