As of June 1, entries are officially open for the 2020 L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy, with this year’s competition once again promising compelling looks, impeccable talent and national and global experiences to ignite the industry. The 2020 iteration of the competition vows to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity, artistry and colour as it strives to find its national and then international Colour Trophy champions.

Entries are open until August 31 for you to work on your look, show off your talents and then submit your entry. The prize pool for 2020 includes a trip and admission to an international L’Oréal Professionnel event, as well as local and global media exposure on this major platform.

The 2019 competition celebrated 110 years of the brand with enticing state finals that showed live fashion hair looks and then chose national finalist competitors, before crowning Massimo Tirimacco of Zohair as the victor in a huge grand finale in Melbourne earlier in the year. In other major news, Australia’s own and 2018 national winner Wendy Gunn of Ink for Hair won the international competition in Paris, truly showcasing the competition’s extreme scope.

The 2020 competition will continue on later this year with these massive events that bring the industry together and put hairdressing skill and ingenuity at the forefront. Get extremely pumped and then pour everything into your winning entry. You can do it!

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