We chatted to Men’s Hair Stylist Samuel Harriss from Edwards and Co. Fortitude Valley about everything from style to the industry to every corner of his inspiration.

How would you describe your salon’s style aesthetic? The aesthetic of the salon is equally as impressive as the hair created within. Jaye Edwards has created instantly recognisable Edwards and Co. branded spaces that speak to a generation of creatives. They are raw and minimal in design, with spacious and bright interiors, lined with incredible street art by Brian Connolly. 

What inspired you to become a hairstylist?  I have always been super picky with my hair even from a young age and I felt that being that way would make me an amazing hair stylist. I firmly believe I was a difficult client for the hairdressers that did my hair up the road from where I lived in the suburbs.

Pick your poison? I’m a whisky and dry kind of guy! 

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and what would be on the menu? This is such a hard question. I would have to go with Brian Cox and we would be eating Ramen! Brian is a physicist and after watching his podcast with Joe Rogan I was fascinated by the way he explained normally hard to grasp concepts about space.

A song that will get you dancing without fail? Tubthumpin (also known colloquially as “I Get Knocked Down”) by Chumbawumba. Somewhere in the family video collection a very young me danced to this song every time it played!  

What is your favourite cut and/or colour to create in the salon? This is also a hard question. I think anything that challenges me to combine different shapes and express them through the styling. 

What would you like to see more of in the hair industry in the future? Collaboration, for sure. I love being around people cutting hair and bouncing ideas.

 A quote to live by? It is what it is.  

What hair product/tool are you loving? Recently I’ve loved the KEVIN.MURPHY Bedroom Hair or the TOUCHABLE finishing spray. Creating dry textured styled with these two products has been amazing.

What piece of clothing or accessory can you not live without? I’m going to have to go with my earrings! My ears have been stretched since I was 13 and I have gone to take them out twice and close them up and always end up putting them back. I don’t feel like me without them.  

Your favourite Instagram account? My favourite Instagram account would have to be @browncardigan – it’s the height of Aussie humour.