The Real Talk business education event is rapidly approaching, set on August 5 at Ovolo Woolloomoolo in Sydney with an outstanding line-up of speakers to inspire and engage in every facet of salon life. If you’re looking to improve your salon’s tech life, social media presence, business practices, luxury elements and so much more, Real Talk will be your one stop shop, with iconic educators and salon owners there to teach you every trick of the trade.

With networking opportunities interspersed throughout the day and a meaningful forum to conduct these conversations, as compered by noted retailing speaker and MC Terry Hawkins, here are 5 things you’ll definitely learn at Real Talk, and then some.

1. Technology, social and online Skills

The agenda includes James Fitzgerald, the Director of SMK Social Media Knowledge, who will talk about his expertise in this incredibly relevant field and give you the skills you need to master it. Of important note, James will share his insights on making money through Instagram posting. Beyond social media, technology and its important use in every day salon life will be a big part of the agenda, with a tech panel of exceptionally experienced salon owners who are using technology in their businesses in a very different way. You will gain insights, tips, advice and understand some key benefits that will be shared.

2. Consultation

Consultation will be a key cog of the day thanks to celebrated consultation king Dario Cotroneo and his expert seminar. The leader of DCI Education will teach attendees the art of the consultation to imbue every salon with this necessary, important business element in the best possible way. The multi-award winning educator has conducted this education worldwide as is seen as a pioneer in the realm of salon communication, making his insights unmissable.

3. Running a salon

Prolific salon leaders will take to the stage to speak from their extreme experience about salon management and processes. For example, Oscar Cullinan and Lee Cohen, of the iconic Oscar Oscar Salons fame, will teach ways to build a luxury brand, the results of which are evident in their business of three decades. Meanwhile, the team at Edwards and Co will present ‘Uncensored’, using their unique brand DNA that has seen them become one of Australia’s most noteworthy salon families to talk about the new salon space, building on their many locations and iconic national brand identity. Meanwhile, editorial, salon and education queens Renya Xydis and Monique McMahon will present a version of their popular For The Love course, using their varied personal experience as titans of the Australian hair industry to reach and aid salon owners in diverse ways.

4. Industry insights

This is a forum for the industry to come together and learn as a community, and major insights from our local salon culture will be shared on stage. Francesco Ruggerino, who has built a thriving salon empire of Prema in Sydney and New York, will speak about changes in the industry and how he reacts to trends and entrepreneurship in an ever-changing environment. The first panel of the day will cover industry insights and host successful business owners and hairdressers such as Luke Reynolds, Angela Sassano of King’s Domain, Sheree Knobel of Bixie Colour, Sharlene Lee of Circles and Wendy Gunn from Ink. Each has a unique perception of, and experience in, the hairdressing sphere, through which they have all achieved enormous success.

5. Networking

How often do you get to network with hairdressers in an environment where shared knowledge is the key and having the ability to ask questions from salons who you may not normally speak with is encourage? Networking opportunities throughout the day and after the education session catapult this beyond an education event into a fully fledged industry experience.

As a clear rung on the ladder to success, Real Talk will take what you think you know about business, technology and salon life and transform your perception, elevating your skills and space to truly luxury with a comprehensive day of education run by the experts. Sign up now.

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