As a national industry, everyone’s experience of the pandemic is very different, with NSW, VIC, the ACT and New Zealand currently feeling the brunt of the lockdowns. If you’re a few states away and wanting to put a smile on the faces of your fellow hairdressers doing the hard yards, here are some suggestions to brighten their day.

1. Reach out

It’s that simple – just a call, text or check in to ask how they are feeling can make all the difference. Remind them that you’re a point of call or just offer them a distraction. Take this as your reminder!

2. Send something sweet

Thoughtful gifts are always welcome weeks and months into a lockdown. You can send them something literally sweet through the myriad of cupcake, doughnut and cake delivery services that operate in each state, investing in local businesses, and definitely making your fellow hairdressers feel loved.

3. Send them something inspirational

It can be easy to lose a little bit of creative spark when in extended lockdowns. If you see something interesting, aesthetically engaging or purely artistic that makes you think of them, send it through for the mood boards they may be endlessly fawning over with some more time on their hands.

4. Attend a digital class together

Online education is all around us, and seeking out educational content to send to a friend, or even to attend together and then discuss after, can be a great way to engage and connect through the current difficulties the industry faces.

5. Share their work on social media

If they’ve created something that you love, even from the archives, give them some love on social media, possibly sending new clients to their salon when lockdown is over and showing total support for their work.

Click away and send a little love today – it’s so easy to make someone’s day better and unite as always as the national hair industry we are.