In the social media realm, the word ‘engagement’ gets thrown around like confetti, but what does it really mean to your salon’s socials?

In short, when a follower takes actions on your account (like, comment, re-share, forward, save) those behaviours indicate their engagement to the algorithm. Each interaction tells Instagram they like seeing your content, therefore prioritising your content in their feed. The trick is to keep them engaged so they’re always seeing your content!

Shortcuts Salon Software offers some important tips to hack the Instagram algorithm in 2020!


Posting at the right time is crucial to your social media success. If you access your Instagram Insights (Insights > Audience > scroll down to Followers) you can see what times your audience are most active during each day of the week.

If you post at the right time when everyone is most likely online, you will maximise the number of eyeballs on your content, which will improve the chance of engagement.

Reply to everything

Simply REPLY, LIKE and COMMENT to every person who interacts with your content. This

could be as basic as responding to a comment on your post or a direct message. Keeping the conversation flowing is the key to boosting your page’s engagement.

Post interactive Instagram stories with stickers

A fun interactive way to get your audience more engaged is to use Instagram or Facebook stories. Go behind the scenes and lift the veil on your business, and make your followers feel like they’re getting exclusive access to your salon! There’s no limitations on what you can post here – think mouth-dropping makeovers, #nomakeup days (the more raw the better!), product unboxings, services, team intros or even story stickers like a poll or Q&A to make it fun and interactive!

Promote user-generated content

There’s no better advertising than a happy client in the form of a raving post. Social media users love when their own content is shared, so regularly sharing client generated content will entice other customers to join in on the fun!

To promote user-generated content you can regularly re-share from your clients’ page, or tag customers in posts or stories to encourage re-shares (for posts make sure you’ve got their approval). When your clients see other clients being tagged and re-shared, they will want to take part too – everyone loves a little fame!

Create ‘save-able’ content

Ever scroll your feed and see a post you LOVE so much you screenshot it? You no longer need to do this! Instagram’s got your back with the ‘save’ feature. Users can save content to their own private collection within the Instagram app by tapping on the little bookmark icon in the bottom right corner of a post.

Users love saving content they enjoy to look at later. Sprinkle ‘save-able’ posts throughout your feed to encourage more saves on your content. Think gorgeous hair transformations or compelling quotes!

Engagement levels can slow down if you’re not proactive on socials. Make an effort to engage with followers who consistently engage with your content! Your followers will love it when you interact with them online!

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