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You’re unlikely to see a view quite this beautiful at Fashion Week – or really ever – as MATCHES FASHION combined with Emilia Wickstead for a show at Wylie’s Baths in Coogee. The runway was set up right on the water, before a pool and then the sprawling ocean on what became a bright and sunny afternoon in Sydney. MBFWA partner TONI&GUY and hair director Katy Reeve were situated upstairs, with a birds-eye view of both the gorgeous runway set-up and the coast line as they created ideal summer girl hair for the show.

“The fashion is really around the stories of the 50s and 60s, so we’ve worked with the collection,” Katy said. “Then obviously taking inspiration from the beach and the ocean, the hair has a wet look. We’re working on blending textures together to put certain textures in the hair, it is flatter, closer and more natural looking. It’s like they’ve been in the ocean, but it’s still quite glamorous and polished.”

“We used Label.M and we worked with a matte texture and a primer, a blow dry product, we mixed them together and put them on in one. It’s using something that’s slippery and wet but bringing the texture up so it’s more polished.”

The retro style fashion collection boasted a light colour palette of pinks, peaches and light blues, with patterns and flowers adding to the 50s and 60s aesthetic even more. Whimsical musical and an almost balletic runway choreography, with Coogee’s majestic view as the stage backdrop, transported attendees to another place, another time and another world – glamorous, effortless summer hair was, of course, the ideal accessory.

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