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MBFWA 18: Sebastian Professional X Thomas Puttick

Hair Director for Sebastian Professional, Brodie Lee Stubbins, celebrated classic female effortless beauty with an ‘undone out of the shower’ look for Thomas Puttick’s ‘She & I’ 2019 collection.

Thomas Puttick joined the list of boundary breaking designers in 2017 when he cast real women and not models to wear his collection. This year feminine beauty and individuality was too celebrated with a dual texture fuss-free hair direction.

“The Thomas Puttick woman is a girl who has basically just got out of the shower and pulled a her hair into a knot,” Brodie said.

Effortless – her main accessory is her chic wet look to the left side  look almost as though her hair has dried everywhere else.

Thomas’ vision of ‘strong’, ‘elegant’ and ‘ever remarkable’ that inspired Brodie to capture simple elegance of women in the moment.

A slew of fluid pieces, silks, white and delicacy dominated the collection with sheers femininity and an effortless flow of silhouettes gave the collection strength through simplicity.

The dual texture pushed a very undone, very ‘minimal’ product through the top with the wet look all through the bun achieved with Sebastian Resintek and Dark Oil.

This streamlined look throughout with the exception to  a few African American models with short hair gave a cohesiveness rarely now seen at fashion week with individuality commonly dominating the shows.

With an effortless and undone look and a twist or too with hair left around the face for diversity and individuality.

Brodie wanted to show the natural beauty of an inner woman, emphasising intricate detail in the ethereal hair brushing her shoulder, “As if it was her best accessory. Thomas and I wanted this to be the main feature, and we succeeded, it was pure, inspirational beauty.”

Get the Look:

  1. Straighten the hair with a middle parting using a GHD styler. Smooth Sebastian Professional Dark Oil through to the ends to keep the look smooth and sleek
Divide hair from the recession and separate into three parts
  2. With the central section, create an inverted braid to reduce bulk and shorten the hair underneath – secure with an elastic
  3. Connect the remaining two sections by brushing the hair into the elastic, to achieve the perfect ‘undone pony’
  4. Massage the hair over the left ear, to create texture and fluidity
  5. Attach the hair extension to the left side of the head, just back from the hairline
  6. Using Sebastian Professional Resintek and Dark Oil, twist the pony into tight knot – secure with pins
  7. Droop the extension to sit just above the shoulder, and loop around the knot – secure with a pin
  8. Finish the look with Sebastian Professional Shaper to hold, and Shine Shaker to finish

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