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MBFWA 18: KMS X Hansen and Gretel

Under the bright lights of Carriageworks’ many rustic warehouse locales, fashion week VIPs queued to witness the wonder of Hansen and Gretel’s latest collection – a sprawling, diverse fashion offering, expertly complemented by the talented team at KMS.

The broad collection spanned everyday wear, fancier outfits and swimwear as it threatened to fill your entire wardrobe, and the hair brief had three looks to suit the designs. Inspire by Eve and the evolution of women, the runway was lined with flora and the hair brief travelled from a ponytail look to another upstyle and a hero grunge look.

“With the three looks that we’ve done today, we wanted to work with the brand’s theme around the national progression of women,” said hair director Garreth Lenagh of Prema. “It was finding out that evolution from the more natural to superior – what we’ve called the grunge curl. We’ve been working with the girls’ natural hair in its movement and bend to make them the best version of themselves, a majority of the girls have a centre part with natural movement. We’ve even played with cow licks and natural patterns, we’ve not tried to bash them out and make them all look the same.”

“From there we’ve gone into a low ponytail, we’ve used a raw textured string for the low ponytail,” he continued. “Again, it’s the garden of Eve, the designer’s whole inspiration was Eve. This accessory felt a little more raw and natural and not too cosmetic or synthetic. There’s also a half up half down look as a point of difference, it’s a soft progression that goes into the grunge girl that is a more structured look, where we’ve worked through with a small tong to make the hair feel like it’s on day two or three.”

KMS products such as their Playable Texture and Thermo Shape tools proved vital, while Dry Wax was used in the grunge look at the roots to enhance that greasy texture.

With a design, a hair look and an aesthetic for everyone, Hansen and Gretel truly presented the every woman in all of her most chic iterations. Steal your favourite parts of the looks for yourself (and your clients).

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