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MBFWA 18: Edwards and Co/KEVIN.MURPHY X Macgraw

Opulence that floated down the front driveway of Darling Point’s the Swifts mansion and a somewhat gothic yet soft glamour was milled into an army of masterful volume and texture with Hair Director Byron Turnbull for Edwards and Co and KEVIN.MURPHY, writes Cameron Pine.   

The Macgraw girl is now a woman – almost floating out into a magical sunny Sydney morning at a famedharbourside mansion, the ‘fairytale’ moment of this relatively young designer duo Tess and Beth MacGraw came to life with an opulent everyday openness in their aptly names ‘Swifts’ collection.

The Macgraw woman has grown up a little bit, but we’ve still got the little girl in there,” Tess said.

“We like to design with a girl in mind, so we began picturing the woman who would have resided in the Swifts mansion in its heyday.

“She’s opulent. She’s getting her eggs and bacon in her ballgown, and taking her kids to school in sequins,” adds Beth.

Frills, prints, lace and puff shoulders all sitting neatly as a collection was brought together by oodles of texture from Byron and the hair team.

“Tess and Beth wanted the hair to look just like a magical and opulent woman in a castle, fitting with the location. Many of the girls we just worked with their natural texture but some we added seamless one hair extensions,” said Byron.

“With all the roots backcombed we twisted the hair at the hairline to look like a ‘princess crown’ some of the models had jewels in their hair. The girls with the shorter hair we still really wanted to look refined – despite varying hair lengths and natural textures all the girls looked really royal top compliment both the garments and the location,” Byron said.

We loved the maxi of hand-embroidered semi-sheer gold jacquard worn over a scarlet two piece, the mix of chiffon tea dresses and heavy overcoats as well as the killer soundtrack that had a rebellious streak of Stevie Nicks mixed with the Zombies.

How to:

  •  Section hair in a middle part and prep with ANTI.GRAVITY.
  •  Dry product in making sure not to blow dry hair smooth to allow for ample texture.
  •  Spray hair with SESSION.SPRAY and brush out.
  •  Using a 19mm tong, wrap hair in a ribbon formation, interchanging between curling under and curling over. Once done, let the hair cool.
  •  Grab sections of hair nearest to the top of the part and tong starting at eyebrow level to create an o the face curl. Once cooled, spray DOO.OVER and shake the curl out.
  •  Take two strands each side of the part, twisting hair to the back of the head then secure with pins.
  •  Depending on texture, finish with DOO.OVER or for an amazing floating feel use HAIR.RESORT.
  •  To complete the look, attach jewels into hair by weaving into twists.

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