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MBFWA 18: Redken X Christopher Esber

In a nod to ‘90s supermodel moments Redken hair director Richard Kavanagh’s hair design featured a pared back, youthful, slightly masculine aesthetic, writes Cameron Pine.

“Christopher’s clothes are quite structured this season so really with the hair we are trying to capture a youthful sensibility but still slightly masculine,” Richard said.

Always working with structured lines and a very wearable collection Christopher Esber’s Resort 19 showcase saw clear sky blue, cloud white and snippets of black working in with a varied yet thematic palette, taking a sculptor’s approach to classic beauty and flattering silhouettes.

“When you are doing this type of slightly boyish ‘teenage hair’ it has to feel like it’s just a moment. The only way to do this is to do a whole lot of prep to the hair, hold it, contain it and just before they walk run my hands through it so it loosens it up,” Richard said.

“Esber’s collections are always very much about where the body moves, how it relaxes and what’s sexy now. Esber’s 2019 collection, after almost 10 years of showing at fashion week this year re-framed the classic silhouette to hand back sensuality to women and what they choose to conceal or reveal. This story played as significantly into Richard’s hair direction with also a very sensual and individual approach.”

“I think about hairstyling like colour – you have to look at what your starting with and the desired result before creating a path to achieve that, the same goes for styling – it’s a very bespoke approach on each model,” he said. “We are using quite a lot of guts volumising foam but ironically using it to minimize volume and create a workable base through the hair.”

With so many different lengths, it’s another affirmation of the trend towards embracing the individual, “Curls, afros , shorter and longer lengths is all here and while this is all bespoke it’s ultimately about  how the designer is trying to communicate a feeling through the hair look.”

The signature of ‘less is more’ through Esber’s work is definitely played through this modern, yet classic collection with an extra level of confidence added through to a strong yet not overly done hair aesthetic.

Get the look:

  1. Spray REDKEN One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment into hands and work into ends to control split ends.
  2. Blow-dry with a bristle brush for softness and shine. Using a 1.25” curling iron, create an effortless wave.
  3. Part in the centre, tuck behind ears and brush to smooth the surface. Finish the look with REDKEN Triple Take 32 Extreme hold Hairspray to control flyaways.

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