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MBFWA 18: Cloud 9 X Client Liaison

Client Liaison the band have turned into Client Liaison the brand with the new Client Liaison Deluxe Line and a debut at MBFWA. A long, red-dirt filled, desert-esque runway, complete with props such as rafts and plenty of flora lining the catwalk, was the stage for this debut and Renya and Aiden Xydis were backstage for Cloud 9 creating suitably retro hair looks for the occasion.

“It’s Brooke Shields, back to the 80s,” Renya revealed of the women’s aesthetic. “We’ve brought back beautiful, big blow dries and gone to the texture of doing really curly hair on some of the girls. We have high ponytails with scrunchies, the hair textures have gone back to the 80s.The band have big permed hair, so we’ve taken inspiration from the artists and designers that are signing tonight.”

The band came out onto the runway after the models had walked, with that aforementioned nostalgic hair and a few tunes to kick the show into an actual party. Their bright, colourful designs exuded fun and energy as they walked the Australiana themed runway, boasting prints, bright hues and plenty of accessories to stand out and have the audience watching (and later, dancing).

Renya’s hero tools were the Cloud 9 Wand Wave. Meanwhile Aiden styled the men with curls and wet looks to also bring the bold, playful vibe.

The Champagne Affection collection at one point saw actual champagne brought out and poured onto the runway as Aussie rock hits were played and the audience quickly realised they had won entry into a dual fashion show and concert. This was a point of difference the VIP guests surely appreciated as they left the final show on the Wednesday of fashion week laughing and busting a move.

That dynamic energy was present front of house and backstage. “Just go for it, section all the way back and go for it,” said Renya in her how-to advice. “It’s a big blow dry and then we set it with the iron and the tongs, like we used to do perms in the salon. Have fun. Big hair is back!”


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