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Welcome the Squirt Gun Hair Trend

The squirt gun hair trend is here and… it’s exactly what it sounds like. The creative hair colour trend is taking over the web with its creative application technique and colourful results.

As created by husband and wife creative hair duo Andrew and Kat Collett, the technique genuinely involves loading water guns with colour and squirting the hair for a unique hair creation. We told you the name was no metaphor.

Also known as ‘splash kaleidoscope hair’ the trend is rapidly making its way to other colourists who hope to have some fun and creativity with hair (while also possibly going viral). The trend has been picked up by major international publications such as PopSugar, Allure, Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan and more, catching attention for the bold looks and its even bolder methods of application. Video tutorials and awe-worthy pictorial results are taking over Instagram and catching your adventurous clients’ eyes.

You may well be saying the internet has gone way too far, and we hear that, but also, bold, viral-making hair and an excuse to break out the water guns? We’re kind of into it.

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