Paul Frasca, Sustainable Salons’ co-founder and managing director,  said “anyone that knows me knows I’m a crazy thinker”. The charismatic entrepreneur’s latest ‘crazy’ initiative to save the planet by reducing and recycling waste has seen him partner up with Dresden stores around the globe to create a unique style of eyewear.

Paul Frasca

Cue ‘The Shampoo Collection’, the world’s first sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and prescription glasses frames created entirely out of recycled shampoo bottles. Also, it’s made entirely in the hair dresser staple colour –  black.

Jayne Wild

Paul said the idea all started on a stroll down King Street with his wife and business partner Ewelina Soroko. “We were waking past the Dresden store in Newtown and I thought they looked really cool,” he explained. “They looked like they’d be up for some crazy ideas and anyone who knows me knows I’m a crazy thinker.”

“I asked them ‘Do you want to make glasses out of shampoo bottles?’ and they said ‘No’. But I kept asking them because I don’t take no for an answer.”

Eventually Paul got through to Dresden Vision co-founder Bruce Jeffreys (who started the company with Jason McDermotts) who jumped on board with the idea and the partnership was formed. Paul said the hardest thing about turning shampoo bottles into glasses was the preparation – each bottle has to be cleaned and washed thoroughly before it is ready to be used. From there, the plastic is pelletised, and then moulded into shape, before it is sold in store. The entire cleaning and manufacturing process is untaken in Australia.

Ewelina Soroko

“To be honest that’s the most exciting part for us,” Paul said. “All of our jobs are in Australia – you get to show that we can manufacture in our country and drive profitable businesses.”

Paul said it was a common misconception that being sustainable meant forfeiting profits. “People think green businesses don’t make a profit but they do,” he said.

The glasses are available now and start from $89. Consider offering them as an important and stylish point of difference on your salon reception desk.

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