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8 Definitive Terms in the Hair Salon Dictionary

Living that hair salon life is an incomparable experience, it takes over your world and consumes your soul – and I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way. As such, the good folks at @behindthechair have come up with some definitive terminology to describe every part of the salon life, from client relationships to everyday frustrations and the fact that meal time is more of a rarity than it should be.

Check out the salon dictionary definitions that will define your salon daily life below.

Slangry – otherwise known as our permanent state.

Bangry – which may be more Americanised, but describes an experience with clients we, unfortunately, know too well.

Hair-itated – that special feeling of being annoyed at your hair or your clients’ hair for not doing what you want it to do.

Blupper – otherwise known as meal time.

Or on less busy days, linner will suffice.

This PG rated term, hairgasm, is definitely a truism when witnessing your out of this world hair creations.

Hair-chology is the way you help your clients’ confidence with your art and skill.

And finally, hairgicians, what we’ll be calling you magic wielders from now on!

Which of these terms will become part of your daily vocabulary?

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