Let’s be honest, some days in the salon are long and hard, and all you can do is laugh to keep from barricading yourself in the break room with a wine. With that in mind, we have some laughs to get you through your salon day, in the form of the highest level of humour – hairdressing memes. Sometimes they say it better than we ever could.

Tag your hairdressing mates to share in the humour, laugh at our sorrows and possibly ease them out of that break room.

1. Speaking of hard days, your weekends kind of look like…

2. Allow Barbie to explain it.

3. Let’s talk about our reactions to ridiculous client requests.

4. And the fact that it turns you into something of a mathematician.

5. Sometimes the eye rolls are impossible to control.

6. But your clients can also make your day.

7. Let’s be honest, they need you.

8. Sometimes the memes get it right, seize the day and change some some lives and hair looks today!