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8 Hairdressing Resolutions You’ve Already Broken

It’s late January, so we’re taking a tentative guess your New Year’s resolutions are out the window (no judgement here, we feel your pain). While gym attendance declines at a steep rate more broadly, we’re focusing on the salon resolutions you promised you would keep for the first 3 weeks of the year, but which have already proved a little too difficult.

Which of these vows have you made and broken this year?

1. Actually eating lunch rather than rummaging for mints in your bag come 1pm.

2. Not joining your clients for a glass of wine on Thursday nights (and Saturdays, and Wednesdays… need we go on?).

3. Practicing patience when your clients are late or cancel.

4. Not overbooking your days so that you actually have a moment to breathe.

5. And on that note, actually leaving the salon on time.

6. Staying organised and on top of your already extensive to-do list.

7. Colouring with gloves on only to ensure no more multi-coloured hands.

8. Not relying on coffee for every waking salon moment.

The struggle is real – tag your salon friends who can relate.

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