This one was for the boys as luxury swim and resort brand COMMAS made the beach its runway, and at sunrise, no less. A breathtaking backdrop of Tamarama Beach set the scene for swimwear looks and acclaimed men’s stylist Madison Voloshin headed styling backstage for Davroe on day two of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW).

“The looks created by the Davroe styling team for the COMMAS runway were made to evoke the story of the models having just come out from the ocean after an early morning swim – natural, wavy, textured and loaded with sea spray,” he said. “Everything about the look needed to transcend the water and enter every day effortlessly.”

Given the setting, that brief was extremely believable, elevated by a savvy use of men’s hair products.

“Utilising a combination of the Davroe Curl Crème Definer, Murray River Sea Salt Spray, Tame Detangler, Formation and Brilliance Shine Mist, our Davroe stylists worked with our hands to pinch, squeeze, stretch and mould the hair to create the textured, sleek, natural looks to complement the Commas aspirational designs,” Madison shared.

The tools all played a particular role backstage. The Murray River Sea Salt Spray was used to bring out the natural body in hair, creating an effortless, air-dried styled texture, while the Curl Crème Definer enhanced curls and texture. The Brilliance Shine Mist was an anti-humidifying tool, giving a light-reflective gloss as the ideal beach glow. Formation is a versatile styling gel that also worked on volume and texture and the Tame Detangler instantly detangled for beach hair that was also knot-free.

“I recommend using the Murray River Sea Salt Spray for textualising and volumising, while the Curl Creme Definer adds moisture and creates texture to mould the hair. Using these hero products to style the looks is a matter of continually building the products until you get it to the texture and volume you are after, and it is also suitable for most hair types,” Madison said.

“After you have the texture right, I recommend finishing off the look with the Brilliance Shine Mist. This will give that beautiful sun-kissed glow and shimmer to the hair without weighing it down.”

Pairing this calculated men’s style with luxe summer looks and that ideal beach setting gave fashion-lovers the perfect start to the day.

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