Individualism was the name of the game for luxury show Oroton, which turned the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) runway into something of a rock garden, and was hair styled to perfection by O&M and John Pulitano. John described the hair brief as ‘feel good hair’.

“We have created a very summery and light airy vibe but still reflecting the natural texture of the hair. The hair is natural yet elevated with a luxurious feel to it,” he said. “It’s about that lived-in luxury, we know Oroton is a luxurious brand, but at the same time, like anything today, it’s all about lived-in hair, it’s not really about polished hair because that takes clothes into another dimension.”

“It’s really hard hair to do when you’re doing this kind of look because a round curl, which is an iron curl, will make the hair too voluptuous but a flat curl can also make the hair too flat, so you really have to go through a lot of processes, you have to look at the hair,” he explained further.

Curly hair was smoothed out with the brand’s Atonic Thickening Spritz Volumizing Hair Spray to slightly dampen the hair. Other techniques saw the team blow dry excessive curly hair out, working a flat wave with an S bend into the texture of the hair, and sometimes wrinkling up that bend to make it more rounded. They then dampen the hair with a tiny bit of water, an unconventional choice that John explains delivers the necessary finish.

“It’s almost as if you had just done your hair and you walked outside in a drizzly day and the drizzle just brings in that natural texture, that’s what we’re trying to create, that drizzly effect,” he said.

If Atonic was the hero prep product, O&M Project Sukuroi was the hero finishing tool, as a pea-size amount of the smoothing balm gave moisture to the ends of hair, allowing the slightly flattened look to start to develop more of a three dimensional effect.

“The hair will be tucked behind the ears at the front with a lived-in centre part,” John said of the final style. “You don’t want any clean lines when you’re doing this kind of work. The collection is summery, it flows, there are a lot of prints, so that’s what we’re trying to create.”

As hairdressers we know natural looking hair can take the most work, and this was organic hair styled to perfection.

Get the look:

  1. To accentuate the hair’s natural wave, we first prep the hair by liberally applying O&M Atonic throughout the roots, then smoothing out the texture from the roots down to the ends.  
  2. Using a flat iron, create an S bend from the roots down while mimicking the hairs natural wave and texture. 
  3. Once an S bend has been created with the flat iron, apply a pea sized amount of O&M Project Sukuroi from the mid lengths of the hair down to create a nice, soft texture throughout. 

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