Day 2 of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) kicked off with Ginger & Smart, in their Spring 21 Resort 22 Collection, and with KMS and Hair Director Ali Holmes of Wild Life Hair SOGO as backstage partners. Cue a youthful, feminine look centred on a strategic untied ponytail, complementing decadent colours, fabrics and shapes in a flowing, dreamy fashion collection.

“The look is an untied ponytail, it’s really sophisticated and they want this whole modernity look to it. It’s head-hugging but messy, soft and feminine,” Ali said. “We worked with each model’s natural hair style to create a pulled back sophisticated and feminine look. To achieve the look we styled the hair in a horizontal direction through the sides leading into a vertical ponytail giving it that touch of modernity.”

“The modern and textural hair look from KMS’s innovative creative team evokes a sense of ease and the emotive and joyous ability of nature to inspire,” added designers Genevieve and Alexandra Smart.

The untied ponytail required a clever layer of trickery to stay in place and flawless on the runway.

“We’re working it in and at the last minute we’re cutting and hoping it stays, but then we’ve got a bit of invisible braid in there too to hold it all in as well. There’s a structure still underneath it to hold it, it’s just the top layer that looks unstructured,” Ali revealed.

“We’ve used the Styling Foam Mousse and Hybrid Clay Wax down the shaft of the ponytail to keep it compact, which is quite different,” she continued. “It’s a lived-in texture, we wanted her to look like she’s done it herself in a way, and then it’s undone. To keep it looking sophisticated we’ve finished it all off with Anti-Humidity Seal.

An example of wearable, editorial, innovative and trending hair to treat the front row.

Get the look:

  1. Preparation step: Apply KMS ADDVOLUME Styling Foam Mousse on mid lengths particularly targeting sides. If hair is a silkier texture use KMS HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray. Girls with short hair should use KMS HAIRPLAY Hybrid Clay Wax.
  2. Directionally blowdry the hair into a low ponytail focusing on sides in a parallel direction.
  3. Keeping the natural form of the hair GHD Compress the mid lengths. To create horizontal direction above ears mist KMS THERMASHAPE 2 –in-1 Spray. Add a U-bend on top of ear keeping all other hair a natural blowdry.
  4. Spray whole head with a light mist of KMS HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal Depending on thickness of hair separate into 2 or 3 horizontal sections.
  5. Tie bottom section completely flat at the lowest part of the nape so ponytail hugs the nape of the neck. Secure with KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray. On courser hair use KMS HAIRSTAY Hybrid Clay Wax on the mid lengths of ponytail.
  6. Add middle section making sure the gradient of hair above the ear is horizontal. Secure with KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray.
  7. Loosely place remaining top section over ponytail.

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Photography: Esteban La Tessa