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Alfaparf Milano Announce Bill Tsiknaris As Creative Director

Luxury, tailored service, creative pursuits and true innovation – these are the terms to describe both Italian brand Alfaparf Milano and Tsiknaris Hair, run by veteran hair legend Bill Tsiknaris. Their new partnership, as Bill takes on the creative director role for the brand, speaks to their similar outlook and values in modern hair.

Alfaparf Mliano have named a new creative director for Australia, bringing in the extreme talents of Bill Tsiknaris, whose name you may have recently heard called out as the winner for Australian Hair Fashion Awards Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year. Bill feels connected to the brand for their innovation and ground breaking nature and, if you’ve ever seen his work, you’ll agree it’s an ideal fit.

Bill’s work and business is a staple of Brisbane, as Tsiknaris hair began in 1994 in various locations around our sunny state. From there, Bill’s client base, awards mantle and creative endeavours have only become more prominent, and his recent partnership with Alfaparf Milano builds on the dual significance of the creative and commercial aspects of his personal brand. Bill has lauded the comprehensive range for its colour ranges, Keratin Smoothing, pigmentation systems, care and styling ranges. Importantly, the company has a personal, boutique energy, much like Tsiknaris hair itself.

“It’s never about the dollar, it has to be right for us, hence choosing Alfaparf Milano,” Bill explained. “The range is unique and different, and it only takes two calls to speak to the person running it in Australia. Alfaparf Milano is a little bit boutique like ourselves.”

Since finding the brand Bill hasn’t looked back, buoyed by the brand’s innovative nature and luxury positioning, which is, again, the ideal fit for his salon.

“I learnt about the brand and had a play with the products for a few months,” he explained. “It really ticked all the boxes with what it could do. We loved it for its uniqueness and its simplicity, in so many areas from keratin to colour, haircare and treatments.”

The premium range fits directly into Bill’s salon, Tsiknaris Hair, delivering on their luxury vibe and concept, through which they cater to their clients in every facet. With his new creative director hat on, Bill will take this relationship to global heights and also push the brand forward nationally, especially from an important education standpoint.

“The cool thing is it’s a global company that’s very strong and influential in Europe, it will be great to give it an Australian edge and get it out there,” Bill said, “It will be great to work with our creative side and to work with the European teams and get a collaboration happening.”

From a technical standpoint, Bill appreciates the brand for its colour, in its uniqueness, intensity and vibrancy for his salon and editorial work, as well as the Keratin Smoothing capabilities, which are a salon necessity.

“It’s not one particular product that stands out,” he said. “Their haircare range is beautiful, simple and cost effective. The cool thing is the integration of all the products so, say we’re doing a keratin relaxing service, they have colour pigments you can mix into the solution and you can do two things at once – a keratin treatment with a colour tone. If there’s any colour stripped out, if it’s blonde, you can go to the warm side, you can counteract that at the same time. So it becomes a one step process doing two things, which is quite unique.”

“The hybrid colour pigments can be mixed in with conditioning treatments, it’s endless in its application, you can be creative with the way you use and integrate them into the salon,” he said. “I think with the treatments themselves, I am amazed at the results we get and the actual client feedback, its instant gratification, which is really important. There’s no use doing a treatment that technically is doing what it’s supposed to do but if the client can’t see and feel that straight away, it’s a little bit of a lost cause.”

Alfaparf Milano will be soaring to even greater heights under Bill’s direction, as he works with a brand that delivers on every level, elevates his salon’s luxury element and builds his creative endeavours. Congratulations on the new partnership!

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