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Alfaparf Milano Launches Semi di Lino Hair Treatment Range

A new luxury treatment range has hit the market in this second half of 2018, as Alfaparf Milano updates the Semi di Lino line, true to their brand vision of optimal quality, Italian luxury and peak innovation. Semi di Lino perfectly fits this mold, harnessing the unique and potent ingredient of linseed as a hero ingredient that allows the products to stand out in the market.

The treatment line is designed to create luminous hair, and is already world-renowned, but is now turning more heads with an important enhancement and renewal. The product now contains Urban Defence Pro, which is a multi-function biotechnological complex, providing advanced protection against stress from pollutants and cares for the hair.

Other ingredients prove pivotal as well, such as a biotechnical active ingredient that consists of sugary macromolecules created through natural fermentation and which provides a defence for the hair. There is also shielding action created by a macromolecule structure, making an external shield that protects against the damage of pollution and prevents dust and heavy metals from penetrating the hair, encouraging the production of free radicals. This leads to softer, stronger hair with more consistent colour.

The range is comprised of many hero products, such as the feature Detoxifying Treatment, which is a new form of mud, working to remove impurities from the hair and scalp for radiant results. A Revitalizing Treatment provides brightening capabilities with up to 37 per cent increased shine and vitamin-rich formula to treat hair. The Nourishing Treatment is built with nutri-sugars to ensure moisture and boast up to 114 per cent added ease of combing. The Strengthening Treatment uses bamboo marrow and cortex repair to reconstruct and restructure the hair, with reportedly up to 14 per cent increase in strength of the hair fibre. The original Semi di Lino is also in the range, and is still a significant and unparalleled instant beauty boost.

The products can be carefully selected by diagnosing and prescribing each client to manage personal hair issues and provide 1 method and the 3 steps to solutions of detox, care, gloss and more. Products can even be combined and alternated at salon sessions for a tailored care plan, as the treatments each work with corresponding shampoos, conditioners, lotions, even mixing and adding their award winning Pigments and other products in the diverse Alfaparf Milano collection.

The products are on the market as of June but a launch this important requires celebrating. The brand will be hosting 2 launch events, titled The Future of Your Hair Started 30 Years ago, in a call back to the brand’s strong legacy. The first event will kick off in Melbourne on August 7 in the city’s iconic Flinders Lane. Guest Artists will include Alfaparf International Guest Artist Alessandro Fratini, as well as the Alfaparf Australian Creative Team, Master Barber Mario Fallace, Stylist Monica Hanicar & Cut & Colourist Lee Hayward. The group will present the latest collections in a celebratory and exclusive launch party at the Mon Bijou penthouse.

Mario Fallace will also be a guest conducting the business seminar in the morning and the afternoon will be dedicated to a media event in Sydney the very next week on August 13, hosted at Ovolo Woolloomooloo.

It’s an exciting time with a host of new, luxury products that will elevate your salon offering. For quality, personalised, proven care, look no further than Alfaparf Milano and their ever-updating technology.

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