ALFAPARF MILANO has a ‘dream big’ ethos, which saw a company started from the single ingredient of Semi di Lino as idealised by founder Roberto Franchina sprouted into the Italian success story it has been since the 80s. ALFAPARF MILANO is still one of the only privately owned multi-national manufacturing companies, and is proud of its contribution to the professional salon space.

ALFAPARF GROUP offers premium products and tools for hairdressers, with the Semi di Lino line promoting customisation to cater to every client, with unique, high-performing formulations that allow hairdressers to mix and match in care and with their award-winning colour Pigments, to address specific issues and requests in the salon.  Recent launches, such as the vegan friendly Color Wear Gloss Toner, add to this product dynasty. Color Wear makes use of a naturally derived and patented Arginine alkalizing agent, and is free from ammonia, MEA, resorcinol and silicones.

ALFAPARF MILANO innovates beyond its products, truly hearing hairdressers in what they need and catering to it, and providing a range of additional services as well that truly elevate salon business. This includes their extensive educational program, which focuses on a variety of technical, professional and managerial aspects, in collaborations with hairdressers from around the world.

The brand also has a proud commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which has seen them undertake actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and use recycled and recyclable materials and ingredients from renewable and certified sources. ALFAPARF GROUP has been included among the 150 best Italian companies as a LEADER OF SUSTAINABILITY. The research was carried out by Statista for Il Sole 24 Ore and was based on the analysis of the sustainability reports published in 2020, investigating three macro-areas: environmental, social and corporate governance. For each area 35 KPIs have been identified and on the basis of these only 150 of the 1200 companies analysed are present in the final list, published in Il Sole 24 Ore on April 29th. In another important milestone, on 7 October, the Global Procurement office received #TheProcurementAwards2021 award, in the “Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing” category, for the “Evolution of the Green” project. This was a prestigious award assigned to Alfaparf by a technical jury made up of the Procurement and Supply Chain Directors of major companies to reward the contribution of purchases in achieving ethical and sustainable results, linked to people or the environment.

ALFAPARF MILANO continues to be significant to the hairdressing industry, propelling hairdressers forward with innovation, inspiration, ethics and creativity.

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