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Alterna Launches Caviar Restructuring Bond Repair Collection

Guests were invited to a night of ‘Pure Indulgence’ aboard a Clearview Glass Boat cruise to celebrate the launch of new additions to Alterna’s Caviar Restructuring Bond Repair collection, writes Michelle Ruzzene.

Moët champagne and caviar martinis were the perfect accompanying drinks to the Per Se Osetra Organic Caviar served for entrée as part of a three-course meal, where ANZ general manager for Schwarzkopf Professional and Alterna, David Hahn, and education manager Alterna Patrick Fitzpatrick gave speeches about the new range.

David Hahn

Following the presentation, caviar expert and director of Gourmet Life Josh Rea allowed guest to sample some luxury gold-label Iranian caviar.

The concept for the Caviar Restructuring Bond Repair collection came from luxury skincare – we see fine lines, crow’s feet and dull skin as the primary results of the steadily clicking clock, however, hair is also at risk of ageing. Over time, texture, density and the quantity of hair, particularly at the crown, can change. Dryness and coarseness can become more common and hair can lose much of its vitality and shine. That’s why, just like skincare, haircare needs to target to specific needs in regards to ageing.

Formulated with caviar extract, omega fatty acids and a range of vitamins and minerals, the Leave-In Treatment Mousse serves as the initial line of defence for styling. Additionally, the 3-In-1 Sealing Serum features a triple-action concentrate of amino acids and lipids that imitate those found in the hair, and has been formulated to heal, seal and restore strands. There is also the Leave-In Heat Protection Spray, which serves as a powerful protective shield against heat styling.

These products complement the Restructuring Bond Repair Shampoo, Restructuring Bond Repair Conditioner, Leave-In Treatment Mousse, Leave-In Protein Cream and Leave-In Overnight Serum in the line.

If the glass boat and the caviar wasn’t clear enough – this is luxe personified.

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