The first International Hairdressing Awards has taken place in Madrid, Spain, crowning the inaugural International Hairdresser of the Year amidst a bevy of talented contenders. Italian and British hairdresser Angelo Seminara, known as a creative visionary and the artistic director for Davines, took home the award.

The dynamic new award event hosted professionals from 30 different countries on February 3, while also broadcasting the award ceremony and runway show to an online audience.

Angelo’s incomparable skill and creativity was honoured, as he has continued to trail blaze the hair industry with new colouring techniques, updated hair tools and innovations and bold concepts about the environment, the industry and hairdressing itself. Angelo is a devoted educator, in-demand editorial hairdresser and has worked with Davines since 2011. His work is often displayed from magazines to museums for its impact.

Angelo has been practicing hairdressing since the age of 11. He has worked with such iconic figures as Trevor Sorbie, and for publication names such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and so much more. He continues to prove the importance of perseverance and finding your own unique ideas in the industry to truly change it, constantly trying new things to push hairdressing further.

This award is just another testament to his legacy, and a consistent reminder to never settle in your hairdressing career.