2020 should be your new year for growth, and ANTI are right here to facilitate that. The unique and ultra-cool brand have debuted their 2020 education offering, and there are a myriad of tantalising options for you to learn from.

The brand’s ANTI Salon Business Access is a two-day seminar, taking place over March 1 and 2. The summit will offer invaluable skills and networking opportunities in all things Salon Business.

“Our aim is to give you a stronger business foundation in order for you to become an industry leader by sharing mutual foundations and standards with other key leaders in the industry,” the brand said. “Curated by some of the most successful and relevant salon owners in the world, ANTI Salon Business Access taps into the skills and resources of some of the world’s most recognised salons and individuals.”

Also presented are ANTIFY Sessions, a series of full-day, hands-on workshops led by current NSW Hairdresser of the year Nathan Cherrington and introducing the concept of ANTIFY as a styling method and mentality. These dates will take place on Sydney, Hobart and Brisbane on February 24, April 20 and May 25, respectively.

“ANTI Education will allow you to elevate your everyday work and remain at the forefront of fashion,” the brand explained. “Throughout the workshop you will also gain valuable behind the scenes knowledge on prepping and presenting your work and aesthetic as we evolve into our evening look and learn networking event where we present our ‘ANTIFY’ philosophy to the wider hair community.”

As an emerging brand, ANTI’s education will also educate on their brand values, in the ANTI Ally Program, which is complimentary for partnered salons looking to live and breathe the incomparable ANTI way of life. The brand will conduct a session on team mentorship in Sydney on April and Brisbane on May 4 and another session of retail performance in Sydney on March 9 and June 1 and Brisbane on May 5. It will also teach presentation skills in Sydney on March 10 and June 2 and Brisbane on July 6. Lastly it will educate on leadership in Sydney on May 25 and June 20 and Brisbane on July 7.

“A strong brand culture immerses people into your brand, creates buy-in and builds an army of affiliates. Here we will empower you with the ANTI brand values – empowerment, individuality and creativity,” the brand explained. “This high level of ANTI brand to engagement and alignment will produce sales both directly and indirectly. Our goal is to deliver every single one of our salon partners an impressive 20 per cent retail sales figure to turnover and more.”

There’s so much to be learned to harness every facet of your salon skills in 2020 – allow ANTI to lead the way.

For more information visit www.anticollective.com