Via an intimate lunch with key beauty media, new professional haircare range Anti has launched with six styling products for the ultimate salon aesthetic and a brand message that goes beyond, writes Cameron Pine.

Spearheaded by Francesco Ruggerino, Anti was born from the need for change and the urgency to empower consumers to celebrate their own identity with a brand that celebrates and doesn’t dictate. Aimed to push professionals to the forefront of their creative hairdressing careers and enable salons to grow their business. Anti is setting out to truly support the industry, not just through creative opportunities but by participating in a unique web share plan for salons (shall they partnership reach key criteria). With points of difference from the outset, Anti is not just another professional haircare range – it’s DNA  is distinctly defined by an aesthetic and a message as powerful as the individual.

“After more than a decade at the forefront of the industry and taking Prema salon to New York the next step for us was to work on a haircare range and solution that is relevant to today’s market and one that truly supports hairdressers,” Francesco said. “Anti is a brand that brings people together, initiating positive change in the industry and in the world. I feel that we authentically connected with media about the story behind our brand and that it is something really special.”

Francesco Ruggerino

Held at The Studio in Rosebery, the crisp white space was transformed into a simplistic yet sophisticated studio style space and a monochrome palette as on point as the products themselves. Black cutlery, table and white accents mixed with a black and white theme on the plate thanks to the talents of Studio Neon and a matching wine list by Taylor’s Wines – as the brand suggests, it was far from an ordinary product lunch. With three signature Anti looks presented to media, think texture and that ultimate lived-in hair. A collaborative team, Franc has brought together Mercedes Orpin Steinfeld who brings a long history in product development for the likes of Bumble and Bumble and Jurlique and Glenn Ruddle as General Manager, a long-time key player in sales in the hairdressing industry.

As a brand, Anti’s aim is to shake up the status quo in everything they do, from the products that look distinctly unique – custom moulds and a combination of matte soft touch silicone and piano black provide a premium aesthetic not yet seen in professional haircare – proving the tactile need to touch is a key part of creating a luxury brand. On the product formulation side of things, each product boasts a highly concentrated formulation for true professional results.

Many competitive products are high in silicones and synthetic ingredients – many shine sprays are 10 per cent oils and 90 per cent synthetics and silicones, but as beauty media reported in posts from the day, Anti’s ratio is reversed to ensure the ultimate shine that salons and consumers should expect from a haircare product.

“We are fed so many false claims and technical jargon by haircare and beauty brands but when you use the best quality ingredients, yes it’s expensive but the products speak for themselves and we are putting the power back into a hairdresser’s hands,” Francesco said.

The six products launched to media include an ‘Everything Spray’ – a hero from the range as the ultimate primer and foundation to any style while adding condition to the hair as a leave-in conditioning spray. The Shine Spray sits alongside the instantly visible texture created with Texture Spray was another firm favourite.

Housed in an eye-catching tottle (cross between a bottle and a tube) The Finishing Cream is a lightweight multi-purpose crème to add moisture and control – think effortless natural texture. Completing the texture building arsenal is a Texture Spray and a Styling Spray that becomes the ultimate protector for heat damage and styling while adding enhanced volume and control.

Ultimately one of the key differences beyond the product is that Anti is a feedback driven brand, underscored by three core brand values of Empowerment, Creativity and Individuality.

‘What are you Anti’ has formed a stronghold throughout the brand’s material – on everything consumers and salons will see about the brand. Having already hit the streets of New York with a series of videos asking people, ‘What are you Anti’? uncovers the real power behind the Anti brand and giving people a voice.

What brings it all together is that, for Anti, their consumer is a collective of individuals that unite under a culture of creativity and consciousness – a discerning taste and a need to have their passion’s heard. Bringing people together for Francesco is the only way he believes you can create true success. “This brand is our first step to really making a difference and positive change in our industry,” he said.

Ultimately, should hair and beauty products inspire people to be themselves and feel great for it, rather than preach a set of ideals. When asked about Anti, I definitely think they are onto something and guests shared this sentiment. When it’s easy to be Anti-Ordinary in an industry plagued by the same, we’re excited to see what Francesco and his team have in-store for the brand.

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