The ANTI hub have found their home, with a London studio opening up as a base for the community. The flexible space, located in a former railway arch in the heart of Brixton Village, can be used for content creation, education, events, product testing and innovation, as well as being a salon. It includes sixteen sections, photographic capabilities, a party space (think, a giant disco ball), salon facilities and so much more. The salon facilities will act as a Prema salon, taking the brand from Sydney and New York to this new British location and creating ANTI-focused hair right there and then.

“We want to be part of the community,” explained Nick Irwin, who founded the space with Francesco Ruggerino. “Brixton and its people, values and beliefs fit with the ANTI brand and the collaborative approach we take.”

Aesthetically, the space boasts floor to ceiling windows and an open atmosphere to facilitate creativity and inspiration. Education and product development will also be essential to the location’s proceedings.

“We want to involve hairdressers in the whole brand,” Franc said. “It’s not about hiding away what we’re doing. We like to think of it as an artisan workshop for ANTI where we can do live testing on real clients.”

The space will offer a collaborative energy, facilitating the work of hairdressers, brands, designers, makeup artists and photographers who need a hub to work out of. It also contains everything required for content creation, with a cove, lighting and facilities for shooting, filming and social media production. While this will be available to anyone using the studio, two days per week will also be set aside for creative projects – be that fashion shoots, education or fittings and testing for shows.

As a centre for everything individual, fashion-savvy and ultra cool in hair, this new space brings ANTI and Prema straight into the UK and ties this global community together.

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