Welcome the ANTIFY Global Collection, the editorial offering from ANTI based on global expression that was recently launched in London with a host of big names at the event. With ambassador and collection creator Nick Irwin and special guest and hairdressing master Eugene Souleiman, as well as other editorial heroes, magazine editors and British hairdressing legend Errol Douglas, on deck, this new aesthetic was launched to the hairdressing community.

Kim Howells, Fashion Director at Hunger Magazine, and Nick Irwin

“Our ethos of combing hair and leaving it a certain way is represented in the collection, the look and feel is about empowerment with an attitude. If we comb hair and leave it, what does this encapsulate, that’s the message behind ANTIFY,” said ANTI collective Global Creative Director, Nick Irwin.

Eugene Souleiman

The collection is comprised of six images that showcase inspiring freedom and individuality in the nuance of attitude in hair over actual trends and techniques.

“From both a professional and consumer perspective we are tapping into the way people want to feel about their hair,” said Nick. Models on set were quizzed about their music taste, their view of themselves and more to truly capture the essence in the shoot.

“As a brand, do we really know what a consumer wants, but we still create work that is still very much what the hairdresser wants to see,” Nick said. “Creating the best version of the individual is the crux of the collection.”

The multi-dimensional, artistic, simple and effecting images were shown off in one of the world’s largest creative hubs, spreading the ANTI mentality to a global audience and revolutionising the hairdressing landscape with an empowered, uninhibited and instinctive approach to hair and art.

View the exclusive behind the scene of the ANTI global campaign.

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