Ariana Grande has been productive since splitting with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson last month, releasing a breakup hit for the ages by way of Thank U, Next, and now pulling the oldest trick in the book by debuting her breakup hair chop. Clichés are overdone for a reason, and a new haircut can inspire change and additional confidence during low moments like a breakup, so it makes total sense that it’s a go-to in these hard times. We love the approach and know your clients will be requesting this cut in salon, whether they’ve gone through their own breakups or not.

Even with dalliances with a fringe, or experimentation with blonde and colour, Ariana’s long, high ponytail is iconic, so synonymous with her look and brand that she even recently admitted she fights through the near constant pain it causes her to rock the look.


Despite the iconic style, the new cut is winning acclaim, as Ariana debuted it to 134 million Instagram followers, amassing almost 5 million likes on the shot, and tens of thousands of comments, as well as global headlines. She has since shown it off on her Instagram story, for a further glimpse at the look, and you can rest assured it’s been showing up in yours clients’ feed.


It’s not clear whether Ariana cut her hair in addition to removing her extensions, but the message to you and your clients is clear. It’s Thank U, Next to long hair, and certifiable ‘yes’ shorter, fresh, soul-cleansing lobs for Summer – hopefully without the dose of emotional turmoil.

What do you think of the look?