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Artégo Debut Metallic Color Beauty Competition

Artégo are celebrating their Metallic Color Beauty range of infinite shades, bright tones and pastel colours with a social media competition that could make you a winner. The shades prioritise the needs of fashion focused, well-informed clients, who are mindful of product quality, creativity and sensitivity on the hair, ensuring you can deliver to inclreasingly understanding consumers.

The range is comprised of 13 base shades that are mixable for countless metallic and pastel colours. The technology boasts controlled pH tonalisation for colour longevity and delicacy of the hair, and offers a pearl effect for the enhancement of wanted cold reflexes. The range also includes a neutral gloss that adjusts the reflex intensity and the level of the colours, polishing waxes for super shiny results, and the inclusion of phytocosmeticemollient actions with Decyl Oleate as a hero poropnent.

The colours offer endless applications on bleached or grey hair and are ultra-customisable for creative opportunity.

You can win the tools to create your own metallic masterpieces in a new social media competition, launched right here and now.  The winner will take a Metallic Color Beauty Box back to their salon, along with 16 Color Tubes of 150 grams, 1 colour swatch palette and formula, 1 Metallic Color book, 2 Metallic Color T-Shirts, 1 Artégo apron, a bowl and brush and an Artégo cape.

All you need to do is like the brand on Facebook and Instagram and then enter your submission online at Entries close on November 16. Good luck!

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