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Artégo Launch Blonde Products

Artégo’s newest blonde releases are more diverse, totally modern and tailor-made for savvy 21st century clients – exactly the type of blonde required in 2020.

Artégo’s latest release of blonde speaks to the modern woman, who wants elegant, contemporary and feminine blonde hair, in colour that looks natural. Their new It’s Color and You|Up2 hues offer a broader spectrum of colour that increases colour combinations and offers top-tier results. Personalised colour and true colour difference is on the agenda with these new debuts.

The cool blonde collections have expanded with eleven new It’s Color shades and eight new You|Up2 shades, making for trendy blondes that forgo dullness for shine and brilliant colour. The colours range from levels eight to ten to express slightly cold reflexes.

The new technology has been developed with the professional hairdresser and colourist in mind, speaking to their high level of demand and the increasing needs of their colour clientele. The brand also created a new colour chart containing all new shades and pre-existing hues in the collections, ranging from levels seven to thirteen and showcasing the entire vasy scope of the brand’s approach to blonde.

In 2020, blonde needs to work extremely hard to please modern salon clients and ensure that colourists have the right tools to succeed in salon. Colour technology needs to account for tone, shine, personalisation and extreme variety, to offer clients every variation of the blonde they want and need, and these new hues tick every box. Make sure your blondes are better than ever this decade, with Artégo.

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