Rome represents many things to interested travellers – becoming the epitome of culture, history, cuisine and, significantly, important hair education. At MOD Academy Roma, the institution partners with Alfaparf Milano in creating editorial hair fashion, combining Italian and British aesthetics, as well as traditional, modern and Avant Garde styles. Several Australian salons were supported by the brand in their trip to experience this unique educational experience. The salons involved included Amalfi Hair and Beauty, Emaya Salon, Hair Frankie Grace, How Bizaar, Infinity Hair, Langdon Hair, Opulence Hair and Makeup and Serge Vidal Hairdressers.

As the title would suggest, MOD is anchored around the principle of modernity, as launched by Emanuele Vona and Oni Quadrino. MOD offers courses to refine, explore and develop technique and cultural knowledge with professionalism and fashion first to understand the how and why of these aesthetics. The institution was born in 2000, building off the duo’s experience with major publications (Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair) and brands (Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada and more) to form their own educational facility in the heart of Rome and with editorial hair knowledge as a priority. Monica from Emaya salon describes Italian hairdressing as having, “finesse”. “They take pride in their application, they never rush through anything.”

Australian salons experienced this at the three day Salon Creative Academy course, offered exclusively to Alfaparf Milano salons for the pinnacle of creativity and culture. The attendees understood in full the Italian inspiration and DNA behind the brand, while learning particular skills such as sectioning and cutting methods that are unique to Italian hairdressing, developing skills in how to use the Alfaparf Milano  Pigments range in combination with other brand products to concoct pastel hues and the finesse of the institution’s hairdressing skill. Attendees learnt in intimate settings and one on one courses with the three main artists, Emanuele Vona, Oni Quadrino, and colourist Giusy Grimaldi, picking up vital skills to take back with them to teach their own salons back in Australia. Posture and stance became an important skill at the seminar, showcasing confidence and expertise in an important way to change the client experience.

MOD Academy specialises as well in graduation and layering techniques to keep in line with modern trends. Other pivotal classes focus on the geometry and foundations of haircutting, fashion looks and innovative styles, becoming a great avenue for experienced hairdressers to grow and develop their craft. This education is served with the inimitable culture of Rome, grabbing those at any hairdressing level who wish to expand their skillset and offering them the opportunity of a lifetime.

Mod Academy’s latest New Collection Number One

For the Australian salons that were able to experience MOD, Italian charm, culture, creativity and inimitable skill was on the table. We’re sure the word on everyone’s mind was ‘grazie’ for the experience.

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