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Aveda Deliver Christmas with a Conscience

Aveda is celebrating a Christmas of clean beauty and feel-good gifting, hosting an ethereal themed dinner for media and select Aveda guests in harmony with Aveda’s vision of sustainability and ‘beauty is as beauty does.’

Olio at Kensington Street was completely re-imagined into a picture perfect Wonderland of sustainable beauty and giving back as guests arrived to hear about Aveda Australia’s new relationship with Elyse Knowles as National Brand Ambassador and Christmas gifting with a focus on giving back.

While guests sat down to three courses of a sustainably sourced Christmas dinner they learned of shared values between Aveda and its unfaltering brand mission and how they align with Elyse’s personal values. Elyse has explored modelling, ambassadorships, TV production and philanthropy – with philanthropy adding more fire to her to raise awareness where it’s desperately needed and to give back as much as possible – hence the match made in heaven partnership with Aveda, not just over Christmas but well into 2019.

“I absolutely love the Aveda brand and use it every day. My hair in particular has never shone so bright and not only their products but every time I watch their brand video I get goosebumps. Just by having a conscious mindset we can all make a difference,” Elyse said.

“We’re all part of a pretty incredible movement right now and I am so proud to have partnered with a beauty company who goes above and beyond in making our world a more ecofriendly, sustainable place,” she said.

Surrounded by hundreds of handmade red paper flowers made especially for the event by the Nepal Papermakers, Sophie Walvin, Aveda Australia Consumer Engagement Manager, spoke of the hand-made processes of how the paper is sourced, pressed and produced and how Aveda contributes actively to numerous communities such as these all over the world. This same certified wildlife friendly paper is used each year to wrap the signature Aveda Holiday Gift Sets – helping provide much needed income and empowerment for the women papermakers while protecting Nepal’s forests and animals at the same time. An aura of soft acoustic tunes filled the room with live music from Tillee music’s Bob making it truly feel like Christmas. Adding a sense of unfounded atmosphere and heartfelt spirit synonymous with the Aveda mission.

Further spreading the message of natural beauty, Aveda also announced they are in the process of becoming completely Vegan in 2019. By 2021 they have also made a commitment to being net carbon positive, having long-used wind power in manufacturing before the world was aware – they are taking things one step further by producing more clean energy than utilised through renewable energy credits.

For the last 40 years in business, Aveda’s aim is to make a positive impact on the planet, perpetuating transparency through creating high-performance naturally derived products and a commitment to enabling positive empowerment to everyone that touches their brand.

Aveda brand General Manager Clint Piper is proud of the fact that Elyse’s core values match perfectly with Aveda. “It’s not often you find an inspirational role model who really cares about our environment like she does,” Clint said.

These values lead the way into a dynamic 2019 and a sustainable, holistic and moral holiday season.

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