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Aveda Launch 2018 Colour Harmony Awards

You’ve officially had enough time to settle into 2018, so now is the time to push yourself creatively and hopefully win some major awards to add to your mantle this year. Headlining these competitions is the 2018 iteration of Aveda’s Colour Harmony Awards, a competition that heralds the brand’s commitment to hair, colour, beauty and the environment all at once. This year, the theme is ‘Know What You’re Made Of’, a bold, all encompassing theme that pays tribute to the brand’s historic 40th anniversary in 2018. Marking this momentous occasion is the competition’s media partnership with INSTYLE, ensuring greater exposure and media presence for the finalists and winners.

Tracey Doak of De Stijl – 2017 Colour Harmony Winner

Entrants are tasked with creating an image that captures Aveda’s important role, authenticity and relevance in the beauty sphere today, from their leading position in beauty, wellness, environment, fashion and art.

“Winning the Colour Harmony category as well as Salon Collection Category has had a huge impact on my hairdressing career as well as the popularity of the salon,” said Tracy Doak of De Stijl, who won these awards in 2017. “Salon guests as well as new guests at De Stijl have been interested in knowing about Colour Harmony and have been impressed with the work the salon produced for the awards. It has boosted the salon brand and given us a higher level of exposure nationally.”

Entrants can enter into categories of Colour Harmony, which is a complete cut, colour, style and beauty interpretation of the theme for all hairdressers, New Talent for apprentices and Editorial, which focuses on session styling elements like editorial hair, clothing and makeup that would suit a magazine cover. Each of these categories is a photographic entry that will then be recreated in live competition. The competition also offers purely photographic only tiers, such as the Men’s category, Digital category and Salon Collection, which is made up of 4 to 6 images from the whole team.

Matthew Wooley of Pierrot’s – 2017 Editorial Winner

The prizes for each of these categories vary to highlight their individual attributes. The Colour Harmony winner will win an international trip to Aveda Congress 2018, the New Talent winner will receive a hairdresser’s kit valued at $1500 that they can use to elevate their career and the Editorial winner will fittingly be awarded a six page editorial spread in INSTYLE.  The Men’s winner will receive a barbering kit valued at $1000, the Salon Collection winners will receive three Dyson Hairdryers, valued at $1800 total and the Digital winner will win a social media photo shoot with an Aveda Guest Artist.

“Entering Colour Harmony for the first time I would say stay true to your style, believe in it and give it 110 per cent,” shared 2017 award winner Anmar Sahar of Element. “Invest in an amazing model who will represent your work – it’s about the whole image not just the hair. Do it for the experience and push your limits letting your creativity shine!”

Linda Aragon of De Stijl – 2017 New Talent Winner

Your completed photographic entry can be directly uploaded to the Colour Harmony website, so now it’s just about creating a true work of hair art that truly represents the Aveda brand. After 40 years, the Aveda DNA is clear, create an image that captures the brand’s philanthropic roots, environmental conscience, and tendency towards beautiful and complementary hair style, colour and beauty. Play to your strengths and find your inherent connection to the brand to maximise your chances of winning.

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